Delivery reports

Webhooks are an easy way to receive information about the delivery of your campaign or the replies to your message.

To receive the delivery reports to your messages, you have to create a DLR Webhook. We'll then push the delivery reports through a POST HTTP request with a JSON string in the body (raw) as follows:


    "date": "2024-07-25T06:23:06+02:00"
	"status": 3,
	"destination": "33612345678",
	"message_id": "621277",
	"campaign_id": "15948909",
	"country_code": "FR"
date The delivery date
status The status of the delivery (cf below)
destination The associated phone number
message_id The associated message id if the gsmsmsid param was set
campaign_id The associated campaign id
country_code The country code of the number
status Delivery report Description
0 NOT_SENT The message has not been sent yet
1 SENT The message has been sent although the DLR isn't available yet
2 NOT_DELIVERED The message has been sent although it hasn't been delivered
3 DELIVERED The message has been sent and delivered
4 NOT_ALLOWED The message has been sent but isn't allowed to be delivered
5 INVALID_DESTINATION The destination is invalid
6 INVALID_SENDER The sender is invalid
7 ROUTE_NOT_AVAILABLE The route is not available
9 REJECTED The message as been rejected
11 NETWORK_ERROR The message hasn't been delivered due to a network error
12 EXPIRED The message has been sent but the DLR has expired