Getting started

This documentation will teach you how to send SMS, import lists or manage your accounts with our API. In order to use it, make sure to have an account. You can register here. Once your account has been created, you might want to set a balance alert. It will allow you to receive an email and/or an SMS each time your number of SMS left reaches the threshold you've defined

Our base URL for all API requests is


Once you have an account and created your first API token, you can authenticate yourself through the Authorization HTTP header as follows

    Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiIxMTY1NiIsImlhdCI6MTUxOTEyMDg2NX0.ZnGgbDC0OI3hPm2UXyl4rxU9JlpMTMBcTJT8RVgJbtQ


Our API supports application/json and application/xml Content-Types. You can specify a Content-Type with the Accept HTTP header. Our API expects and returns XML by default.

    Accept: application/json

Request statuses

Here's the list of all the request statuses our API can send:

status Description
1 OK
-1 Authentication error
-2 XML error
-3 Not enough credits
-4 Incorrect date delay
-5 Resource not found
-6 JSON error
-7 Data error
-8 Your campaign is currently under moderation. This status doesn't mean that your SMS won't be sent, quite the contrary actually. This is just to warn you that your campaign is being moderated and should be accepted quickly. No need to create a retry mechanism for this one or else the same SMS while be sent multiple times.
-99 Unknown error

Anti-fraud and anti-flood

Notre API dispose d'un filtre anti-fraude et d'un filtre anti-flood.

If one of your campaigns passes through the anti-fraud system, it will be subject to manual validation by our team. In the event of fraudulent content, we reserve the right to refuse your campaign, in which case it will not be sent and the credits will be refunded.

Our API has an anti-flood filter. This is a maximum number of SMS sent to the same phone number over 1 hour. There are two limits: the number of text messages sent to a phone number and the number of text messages sent with the same content to a phone number. If you exceed these limits, we will block the sending of SMS to this number for 1 hour, and no credit will be deducted.