To receive the informations about a clicker, you have to create a CLICKER Webhook. We'll then push the data through a POST HTTP request with a JSON string in the body (raw) as follows:


  "campaign_id": "15948909",
  "gsmsid": null,
  "date": "2018-10-23 15:38:00",
  "long_url": "",
  "short_url": "37MM",
  "brand": "Apple",
  "model": "iPhone",
  "os": "iOS",
  "info1": "",
  "info2": "",
  "info3": "",
  "info4": "",
  "clicks_on_link": "2",
campaign_id L’id associato alla campagna
gsmsid L’id associato al messaggio se era stato impostato il parametro gsmsmsid
date La data di ricezione
long_url Your url
short_url Your short url
brand The brand
model The model
os The OS
info [1;4] The info
clicks_on_link Le nombre de cliques sur ce lien